Finally!! I’m 35 weeks. Some days this pregnancy flies by and other days I feel like it’s been 10 years. I pretty much live in leggings or these long dresses. I’ve given up hope on my maternity jeans because they all sag after 10 minutes of wear. The last few weeks I’ve been sick with the cold from hell (among other things) and nausea is back from the first trimester. And Ev’s had an ear infection and has been waking up 8+ times a night. Hopefully he’ll be getting tubes in his ears in the next few weeks.

35 week bump photo

I can feel kicks getting stronger and tiny little feet sweetly jammed in my ribs. I’ve also felt hiccups for the first time this week. My cravings have been vanilla bean ice cream, Granny Smith apples, strawberries and mango-garlic-cilantro salsa ~ which should top salmon we had for dinner but I want it on top of the vanilla bean ice cream. Is that gross? 35 week selfie 35 week bump

My hospital bag is 90% packed with toiletries, nursing tops, new pajamas and just ordered this robe from Victoria’s Secret in Pink Lurex Stripe to wear at the hospital. 35-weeks 35 weeks

I picked up this outfit for Ethan to wear home from the hospital. When Ev was born we packed a gown for him to wear home and didn’t realize gowns and carseat straps aren’t friends. Poor guy. His little legs were popping out of the gown so we could get him buckled. The things you learn with your first. Sweets and I toured the hospital labor and delivery area this past week and took note of the important things, like what the cafeteria food hours are.

Take-home-outfit1 hat-and-mittens1

This photo is from last week after my doctors appointment. I told Ev I’d get him a cupcake but once we walked to the door I realized they were closed on Mondays. Ev was ticked. He stood in front of the store fists blazing and refusing to walk away. I felt so guilty. So we stopped after the hospital tour I was able to make things right with Ev and the mini-cupcake provided just enough of a sugar rush to keep him up an extra hour. Yay. Closed-cupcake Cupcakes2 Cupcakes

My friend Jessica gave me the most adorable gift this week that she made! A nautical themed towel with Ethan’s name embroidered and two burp clothes. She is so talented!! I can’t wait to use these…

Towel Burp-clothes1