Oh my. What a long day! I went to bed with a headache that’s been hanging out for a day or so and woke to the migraine of all migraines. I’m just over 37 weeks. With a few other symptoms and random contractions I headed to labor and delivery to get my blood pressure checked to rule out pre-eclampsia. My blood pressure was perfect so I was given something for the migraine and stayed while they monitored the baby. He was quite the wiggle worm and I loved hearing his little heart beat. I’m not going to lie the best part was being taken care of by the nurses. They were ahhmazing. I’ve been so busy chasing a toddler and running our household, that it was nice to have someone tell me to lay down and rest. They reminded me of how my mom takes care of me when I go home (miss you Mom!). Despite a few contractions here and there I told the baby he couldn’t come today because I had a hair appointment this afternoon that I didn’t want to miss. Sorry kiddo. Today is not yo’ day. My hair was getting straggly and a bit too long. I draw the line when my hair starts getting tucked into my pants. Thankfully I made it to my appointment. Here’s the before…

37-week-preg-photo6 37-week-preg-photo8

and 4 inches shorter with some curls… 37-week-preg-photo5

A few pictures of my big belly. I can’t believe the time is coming up so fast and today’s visit to L&D made it all the more real. Yep still living in leggings. 37-week-preg-photo1

37-week-preg-photo3 The big question is when will he get here? Will he be a week late like his big brother or maybe come a little sooner?