I carried the boy’s toys upstairs, along with a basket of laundry and some other little random stuff. Things never seemed to stay put away and I think all I do anymore is walk my house collecting things that need a home.

How much time do I spend managing our stuff?

I stopped. I looked upstairs at our house. This big house is meant for us to enjoy but all I seem to do is move from one room to next trying to keep up and failing miserably. By the time I sit down with my husband and boys I’m exhausted.

I’ve had enough.

A few months ago I wrote this: I want to create a life I don’t need a vacation from. One of my best friends told me it sounded too cliche. Too Pinteresty.

But I knew we needed a change and started evaluating the things I loved like spending time with my hubby, little adventures with the kids and running my business.

Everything else needed and overhaul. I just didn’t know how until I was packing for a trip. It took me an entire day to pack. One whole day for just two nights away.

Later that weekend all four of us were sitting on the king sized bed in the hotel when I pitched my idea to my husband, what if we sold all our stuff and moved into an RV full time? I’d always been obsessed with tiny homes but an RV would let us be mobile and we live in this amazing area of the US with so much to explore but it’s so much work to get out of the house. We could go so many places with RV living. There would be no need for packing and unpacking. And we’d be able to sleep in our own bed every night.

We talked about it and let it sink in. We were shocked when we started researching that full-time RV living is actual a thing. There’s an entire community of full-time families.

I wonder what I would do with all the time I’d have if I wasn’t trying to constantly pick up toys and find places to put things away.

To wake up and be on the road in an hour.
To not have to worry about bringing food because our kitchen was with us.
To sleep in my own bed.

I picture weekends on the Oregon coast, Klamath, Shasta, and some drives to Big Sur, Yosemite, and the California coast. We decided to take a chance.

Sometimes it’s not enough to make little changes.
Sometimes you need to go big or go home.
To make a massive change.
To become obsessed with a new way of living that allows freedom and adventure.

So we bought a truck and fifth-wheel we’ll pick next month. Our goal is to minimize and focus on creating memories. So in the spirit of my Quitting Practice, we are quitting our stuff.