RV fulltime living ~ the oregon coast

Normally we don't listen to music in the car. We listen to Ethan screaming. Not crying, but a high pitched scream. And his endurance is impressive. Maybe he'll sing at the Metropolitan Opera in New York one day. But this weekend, my friends, we could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Both

Why we should quit sentimental stuff…

“I have memories – but only a fool stores his past in the future.” – David Gerrold Most of us have sentimental stuff we keep to honor a memory, to remember people we love, places we’ve been, our history. They can bring us feeling of joy or sadness. Most often they hold no monetary value yet

Quitting Indecisiveness

A huge reason we own stuff is for what they do for us. If they aren’t doing what they are supposed to do, we should kick ‘em to the curb right? But what if you can’t decide what to keep? I believe indecision stems from a lack of vision and as the person 100% responsible

What is Minimalism? 6 undeniable benefits of less stuff

What is minimalism truly about? A while back my three-year-old was being way too quiet. Eerily quiet. I was enjoying the peace until I realized he’s up to something. I found him in our pantry. Holding the red fire extinguisher. White powder everywhere. Before I lost it (and I did), I did what every millennial mom

from survival mode to finding your passion

Do you stress about finding your passion? I did. If I don’t know what my passion is how am I going to live a good life? How am I going to apply meaning to all of this if I’m not following my calling? Thus I set out on an endless search to “find my passion”. I had

This Changes Everything ~ Freedom in Letting Stuff Go

In the weeks leading up to our big move, I had to downsize a lot. Why do I have all this stuff? But then I started going through everything. My next thought, I need all this stuff. I didn’t know where to start. I walked into the boy's room and noticed their lullaby CDs I

Your things shouldn’t define you – but they DO.

Today I gave away the final key to the house we moved into 620 days ago. It was the sweetest release. The last year was HARD and the house represented a collective of all the angst the year held. We’ve lived in our tiny home now for 25 days I have only one regret -

What is a Quitting Practice?

What is a quitting practice? What will happen if I just said no more? What if I let my arms drop all the things I’ve collected so I can reclaim joy, live freely and reach out to others? What if I quit it all?

Big Changes Coming Soon

I carried the boy's toys upstairs, along with a basket of laundry and some other little random stuff. Things never seemed to stay put away and I think all I do anymore is walk my house collecting things that need a home. How much time do I spend managing our stuff? I stopped. I looked

when family and holidays are hard

  A few years ago my family sat in a really sad stage. We had come out of some trials. There was fighting and pain and broken relationships. I dreaded the holiday season. Seeing my family brought up painful memories and past hurts.  I was full of anxiety and I felt like I needed to

i decline to accept the end of man

I decline to accept the end of man.  Both sides are still in shock. But this isn't the end, friends. It's not the last word. We can change this. I'm not talking recall. This is bigger.  Regardless of how you voted, take heart knowing others feel the same.  My facebook feed shows me four kinds

i couldn’t wait to get away and then…

I think babies have superpowers. Last weekend I left for a girls weekend. I could not wait to get away.  Could.  Not.  Wait.  I even asked Jeff to drop me off at the airport earlier than necessary just so I could sit in the lobby in quiet. I needed a break. The first night was