Your things shouldn’t define you – but they DO.

Today I gave away the final key to the house we moved into 620 days ago. It was the sweetest release. The last year was HARD and the house represented a collective of all the angst the year held. We’ve lived in our tiny home now for 25 days I have only one regret -

What is a Quitting Practice?

What is a quitting practice? What will happen if I just said no more? What if I let my arms drop all the things I’ve collected so I can reclaim joy, live freely and reach out to others? What if I quit it all?

Big Changes Coming Soon

I carried the boy's toys upstairs, along with a basket of laundry and some other little random stuff. Things never seemed to stay put away and I think all I do anymore is walk my house collecting things that need a home. How much time do I spend managing our stuff? I stopped. I looked

when family and holidays are hard

  A few years ago my family sat in a really sad stage. We had come out of some trials. There was fighting and pain and broken relationships. I dreaded the holiday season. Seeing my family brought up painful memories and past hurts.  I was full of anxiety and I felt like I needed to

i decline to accept the end of man

I decline to accept the end of man.  Both sides are still in shock. But this isn't the end, friends. It's not the last word. We can change this. I'm not talking recall. This is bigger.  Regardless of how you voted, take heart knowing others feel the same.  My facebook feed shows me four kinds

i couldn’t wait to get away and then…

I think babies have superpowers. Last weekend I left for a girls weekend. I could not wait to get away.  Could.  Not.  Wait.  I even asked Jeff to drop me off at the airport earlier than necessary just so I could sit in the lobby in quiet. I needed a break. The first night was

What Nobody Tells You ~ Faith Through Fall Season

  A few years ago a friend of mine said her favorite season wasn’t one season but the changing of seasons. I love this. It’s true for me too. In the winter, I crave bare feet, beaches and sun on my face. In the middle of summer, I want nothing more than to pull out

Can you name three places you belong?

Can you name three places you belong? Belonging is such a strange thing. I’ve struggle with feeling I belong somewhere. Or that I don’t belong somewhere.  The older I get the more I realize you belong to people, not places.  It’s hard moving around when you’re trying to build a life that prioritizes people and

First Family-of-Four Vacation

We took our first family-of-four vacation (five if you count our pup). All of us, German Shepherd included, squished in the car and we made the four-hour drive to Lake Shasta.  It was a long ride and there was crying. The boys cried too.  Ev said, “It’s really far. We should take an airplane.” And

quit waiting for others to get on board

I’ve spent so much time waiting. For people to notice. To see my heart, my value, my worth. To give me permission to be me.   But I’m in full #quittingpractice mode and today I quit waiting for others to get on board.   If I’ve learned something lately, people fall into one of two

My Quitting Practice Countdown ~ I Quit Church

Today I sat in church for the first time in six months. Each day gone by has felt like a lifetime. Six months ago, feeling overwhelmed, I took up a Quitting Practice and church was one of the many things I quit. My relationship with church has always been complicated. I’ve been around long enough

creativity, fear & stubborn gladness

Without question, my favorite non-fiction book this year is Big Magic. Elizabeth Gilbert has taken what I thought about creativity and flipped it on its head. It’s not just an idea but a way of life. If you read one book this year: Big Magic.  "Look, I don’t know what’s hidden within you...although I suspect you’ve