Choosing the Path: letting go, loving life & my hips

Note: Just for fun I'm posting some throwbacks from my old blog no longer online. I wrote this post two years ago. It was a year after I had my first baby. Now it has been a year since I had my second baby and I feel I've circled around to this same place.  My

Game Changer ~ The New Quitting Practice

These kids. All they do is ask to eat. All. Day. Long. This morning my older one asked for a snack while he was still eating breakfast. I can’t do it anymore. STOP eating. I will totally skip a meal if it means I don’t have to prepare it and clean up after it. This

Christmas photos & other traditions that will be the death of me…

Checked your mail lately? You know what you won’t find? A card from us. This year I forgo. I do love Christmas cards. Really and truly. But I’m cutting myself some slack of having to email everyone for their new address because most of our friends move every 2-4 years, updating my address book, going

The secret to finding sunshine during a storm…

How do you find sunshine during a storm? I've found it's not hard if you know where to look. In the summer of 2013 I moved from Washington D.C. to Washington state. After I was settled in, I made a lunch date with my friend Nadette. I’ve know Nadette for over 12 years and she has the

Military move with a toddler and baby

If you’re never done a military move with two little ones (or any move for that matter) it goes something like this: Set up change of address at usps, turn off electric, turn off gas, turn off water, change address with half a dozen other places, schedule move out cleaners, schedule carpet cleaners, inventory your

Goodbye Poulsbo

It was the last night living in Poulsbo. Tomorrow our things would be packed and we would move out of Washington. I know that I’m a military spouse and my time in one area is limited to two to four years and I knew moving in that this wouldn’t be our “forever home” but I

Watermelon Strawberry Margarita

If there’s something my husband probably gets tired of hearing it’s this: I miss San Diego. But I know he feels the same way for so many reasons. Most importantly it’s where we met and fell in love and there’s no shortage of awesomeness. Beaches. Weather. Food. Chillaxness. Ahh the food. San Diego has some of

Honey BBQ Pulled Chicken with Roasted Jalapeños Sliders

Happy First Week of Summer!! I remember the summer right before I started junior high. Most of my days were spent laying out by the pool at my bff Emily’s house listening to No Doubt and Mariah Carey. I remember her moms coming home from a big shopping trip around lunch time with everything for

letting them be little

The sun was starting to shine through my bedroom window and I was just waking when I felt a tiny hand on my shoulder and heard a little boy voice, “hi”. I looked over and see Ev with a big grin totally proud that for the first time he got out of his bed all

Life Around Here ~ Bittersweet Summer Days

Friday was bittersweet. It was my birthday (yay for turning 31!) and, sadly, it was the first of the goodbyes I will have to say in the next two months. We spent three years stationed in DC. It was great but we were excited to move and have down time from the city hustle. I was

the scariest day of my life

Last week I took Ethan in for his routine two week appointment at the doctors office. Nothing special about it. The doctor checked him over and said he looked great. The little chubber was up to 9lbs 4ozs. She sent the nurse in to take blood for the PKU test. My poor little guy was

Hi Brother, Nice to Meet You (maybe)

This is a picture of the boys first meeting. Today Ethan is two weeks old and I’m still waiting for Ev to take to him. As of now, he pretty much pretends he doesn’t exist. At Christmas my girlfriend bought us the Big Brother book and we’ve read it so many times. I can recite