I couldn’t live without my mom

I'm sharing what I couldn't live without this week and linking to my girl Lindsay. This week there have been tears. Happy tears. Sad tears. And overall, lots of tears. Our little guy was born early last week and we came home from the hospital Tuesday. The first night home was a little rough but

Our Birth Story ~ Baby Ethan is here!

Thank you all so much for your love and support this week! I have about a dozen texts and messages I need to respond to but we’ve been busy enjoying our little guy. Here’s a quick update on Ethan’s birth... Monday morning we had our weekly doctor check up. My due date had just passed

The Non-Birthing Story ~ A quick update on baby’s arrival

Today is my due date and my little guy hasn’t arrive yet although I feel like I’ve been in labor since last Saturday. Contractions started last Saturday afternoon and were less than 5 minutes a part for over two hours before I decided to get checked. After spending a few hours in labor and delivery

Do You Ever Have One of Those Days?

Do you ever have one of those days where life is just so beautiful? When budgets, chores and responsibilities step aside and you can just breath. Friday was that day. As always it started with Ev calling us from his crib. Sweets brought him to our bed and he gets right in between us for

Life Around Here ~ Ev Gets Ear Tubes

This past year poor Ev's had so many ear infections that finally we decided to get tubes put in. The medications never seemed to help and he was up all night in pain. Which also meant that I was up all night. Ugh. The morning of the surgery I had to drag him out of bed at

37 Weeks and a few days

Oh my. What a long day! I went to bed with a headache that’s been hanging out for a day or so and woke to the migraine of all migraines. I'm just over 37 weeks. With a few other symptoms and random contractions I headed to labor and delivery to get my blood pressure checked

Review ~ The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

This book keeps popping up all over the web and since I’m kinda obsessed with organization (and books) I had to take a peek. Maybe because it made the New York Times bestseller list or because everyone and their mother is singing its praises, my hopes were really really high. They even call the author,

A Penny for Your Thoughts ~ Underdogs, Zimzum, Cave-kids & Progress

The first step is admitting you have a problem. So I'll admit, my addiction can be expensive and time consuming but I just can't stop. My name is Angela and I'm addicted to books. I blame Amazon and one-click ordering. My iPad screams at me every time I log in that I'm running out of

Strangest Date Ever ~ EMP, Space Needle and the ER

This is such a late post because I've been so sick and I'm finally coming around but here's some photos from our Valentine's Day date Sweets planned. We started at the EMP pop culture museum since this is something we wanted to see at least once before we moved. Not my thing but I've heard

35 Weeks

Finally!! I'm 35 weeks. Some days this pregnancy flies by and other days I feel like it's been 10 years. I pretty much live in leggings or these long dresses. I've given up hope on my maternity jeans because they all sag after 10 minutes of wear. The last few weeks I've been sick with

Life Around Here ~ Time for a Trim

Just a few random moments from last week. My mom is always sending care packages and the latest was a shoe box full of little toy figurines. It is by far my favorite care package yet because it's provided hours of entertainment for Ev. Who would have thought that these little toys would be so

Visiting Vancouver with a Toddler

One of the things on our bucket list while living in the Pacific North West is to visit Victoria and Vancouver. Since we are short-touring this summer we realized we are running out of time and took a little trip up to Vancouver, Canada. Traveling with a little guy is teaching us to manage our