Checked your mail lately? You know what you won’t find? A card from us. This year I forgo. I do love Christmas cards. Really and truly. But I’m cutting myself some slack of having to email everyone for their new address because most of our friends move every 2-4 years, updating my address book, going to buy postage, ordering the cards, picking the cards up, addressing each one and then mailing them. It’s not because I don’t want to send you a card, but my time is spread thin and the .2 seconds I have that’s discretionary I want to take a shower.

Not that I think showers are discretionary.

They’re not.



I did take the boys for holiday pictures. I wanted some very Christmasy-corny-way-too-many-props holiday photos. So I got the boys dressed in new Christmas jammies and we drove to the local photo studio. Not to be over dramatic but it nearly killed me. It’s not that I wasn’t prepared. I brought bribes. Good ones too, M&M’s and a sucker. Ev just refused to cooperate. Wouldn’t smile, look at the camera or get within two feet of his brother. If it wasn’t for my mom and the overly patient photographer, bless his heart, who had to dodge the ornaments props my two-year-old chucked at him, I don’t think I would have any photos to remember this fun, festive moment. The baby did fabulous, smiled from the second we set him in the basket and then pooped. So in addition to flying ornaments and toddler tantrum, there was an aroma.

I hope the grandparents are satisfied because…never again.

At least not for another year.

img_0085 img_0119

This one below may look like the start of a smile, but he’s actually spiting. For the love. And poor Ethan is doing his best to try to sit up. img_0131 img_0115 img_0111

There was one photo. One good one. Thank God.

Drum roll please…img_0102