I recently heard someone say God restores us back to our pristine condition with a picture of an old, damaged Cadillac junker, restored to a perfectly shiny, new Cadillac. 🚘🚦While I get the sentiment, most of the time I feel like an old, dented Camry with alignment problems. 🚧⚠️🚙🚧

Saying God will restore us back to new is a dangerous message because it assumes a few things. Like the dents we’ve endured need to be polished away like they never happened. This kind of restoration makes me feel like I have to denounce my low points and that I was perfect before they happened. The truth is I was naive before and hard knocks showed me genuine empathy, love and God.

Second, it diminishes God to a magician holding a glitter wand, “Just believe…abracadabra!!” 🦄🔱And BAM you’ll feel whole, healed and normal.

Belief in that kind of restoration is risky because it plays our emotions, creating an overload of spiritual high and inevitably a crash when we don’t feel 100% like new. Perhaps it’s more correct saying we’re recycled again and again – transformed into something new and useable – rather than restored to our former self. ♻️♻️♻️

🔹Restoration doesn’t mean looking perfect. I will forever be a hot mess.🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻
🔹Restoration isn’t a quick fix to our health, finances, or anxiety.

What IS restoration then?
🔹Restoration is something that happens to our souls and renews the hope things can be better. 
🔹Restoration is peace about our existence.
🔹Restoration is freedom from failures and heartache.

Restoration is the opportunity to rebuild. Our finances, our relationships, our family patterns. It’s opening up the rusty hood with a trusted mechanic and getting to work. Rebuilding is a dirty process and takes tools of courage and sweat and many, many hours laboring over a hot engine where we’ll likely get burned in the process.

Restoration won’t change your past, but it will make it mean something.

It’s hard work. It’s uncomfortable. It’s not pretty. But the goal is to rebuild/restore a more truthful self-image, esteemed in hope and love. 💗💜🙏🏻💗