Do you ever have one of those days where life is just so beautiful? When budgets, chores and responsibilities step aside and you can just breath. Friday was that day. As always it started with Ev calling us from his crib. Sweets brought him to our bed and he gets right in between us for tight cuddles and an episode of Mickey Mouse. This ordinary routine is most likely the best part of my day and perhaps the moments I will miss the most when our kids are grown. I can’t wait for Baby Ethan to join us in a few weeks for morning snuggles. We might need a bigger bed soon. Anyways, after getting our day going we headed to Point No Point beach. This is just one of the amazing places I’m truly going to miss when we move out of Washington in a few months. It’s a quick drive and the views are stunning. We almost had the beach to ourselves because there were surprisingly few people around. Ev darted right into the water ~ no fear in this kid. It was a combo of laughter and shrieking. Since he just got tubes in we had to keep pulling him out to make sure he didn’t get them wet otherwise I’m sure he would have fully dunked himself.


My love…


Belly shot ~ I’m 38 weeks and after getting over excited about some contractions and the thought of the baby coming early, everything fizzled out and I’m still waiting.

I love this lighthouse. Point-No-Point-Beach31

Ev’s not the only one who loves the water. Apple followed him everywhere.  Point-No-Point-Beach10

Point-No-Point-Beach20 Point-No-Point-Beach16 Point-No-Point-Beach15

I’m shocked he sat down for a few minutes. Just enough time to chuck sand all over the blanket. Thanks for that Ev.Point-No-Point-Beach24

Both boy and pup enjoyed playing fetch.

This one reminds me of the old Coppertone ads. Point-No-Point-Beach21

If Ev didn’t cover the blanket in sand, Apple took care of the rest. Dogs should lay in the sand? No way. I want to put my butt on your blanket.Point-No-Point-Beach14 Point-No-Point-Beach27

It melts my heart to see how close my hubby is to our son. He’s such a great dad. Point-No-Point-Beach26 Point-No-Point-Beach23

It’s probably partly pregnancy hormones but I look at these precious moments I get to spend with my family, I just tear up and I find myself saying to God, I can’t believe you gave me this. ME. What did I do to deserve this? Words can’t express how full my heart is with overwhelming joy, love and thankfulness. Point-No-Point-Beach30