from survival mode to finding your passion

Do you stress about finding your passion? I did.

If I don’t know what my passion is how am I going to live a good life? How am I going to apply meaning to all of this if I’m not following my calling? Thus I set out on an endless search to “find my passion”.

I had this major ahhh moment when someone told me, you don’t find your passion, you ARE the passion. Mic drop.

I’ve learned two things. First, purpose and passion are different but I couldn’t find my purpose until I understood passion. Second, to gain passion I didn’t need anything else besides what I already had. Finding my passion didn’t cost me any money. I didn’t have to take a course or a personality test or meet with a therapist. It only took seeing my life through the lens of passion.

Have you ever had a moment walking through your house and you *just* notice something is dirty, but you’ve walked by it so many times before you don’t truly see it anymore? How long has it been like that? How did I not see it before?

I think our lives can become like that. We get caught up in seeing the same people, same places, same clothes, etc. We don’t truly see our lives anymore. That’s why the first mentioning of “finding our passion” can send us into panic mode. And the stress about lack of passion spirals into more lack of passion. And on and on. 

I believe there are three ways we do most things in life. Test this out by making a quick mental list of the things you do in a day. I would bet they fall into one of these categories.

1. You do it with Prejudice – We don’t want to do it. It’s not fun and we’ve already made up our mind not to enjoy it. It needs to be done and we’ll suffer through it.

2. You do it with Detachment – We zone out. Motherhood can land you here a lot. We have a zillion things to do and people need us all day long. It’s easy to check out and avoid feeling anything.

3. You do it with Passion – We feel an immense desire to do these things and we let ourselves enjoy it. 

I did most things with prejudice or detachment and was highly lacking passion. Time for a pivot. I set out on a mission to drench my life with passion.

To feel passion in every area of my life.

Now you might be thinking, how is it possible Angela? I will never feel passion about grocery shopping!! But I would say – yes you can!!

I believe we can find a way to bring love or passion to everything we do and if we can’t then we need to reconsider our choice to do it (because everything we do is our choice). 

  • Make it enjoyable. If you hate working out because you’ve put pressure on yourself to run a marathon but you hate running -stop!! Try cycling outdoors, rock climbing or dance.
  • Find a way to connect with someone (including yourself). Make sure you’re regularly around people who love life. Their passion will rub off on you!
  • Focus on the positive benefit of what you’re doing. i.e. at the grocery store – think of the amazing outcome of the healthy food you’re buying. Think the ways you’ll connect with your husband or kids over dinner. Think of how blessed you are to have food in your house.

The more you try the easier it will get. Train your brain to look for it. If you’ve been in a rut, it might be challenging for you to get started. Push through the discomfort. Passion is already in you. It’s just smothered with stress, obligations, and comparison. It’s up to you to uncover it.

Go places where passion comes easy. Write, dance, be in nature. Fill your life with such an immense joy, when the hard stuff comes along, and it will, you won’t be easily drained.

Your idea of passion will be unique. Embrace it. I love very different things than my friends. I’m not wrong. They aren’t wrong. Love other people’s passion because it’s freeing.

Free people begets free people.

Passion begets passion.

Quit living life without passion. Infuse your life with it. Cook foods that will make your body feel amazing. Wear clothes you adore. Spend time with friends. Tell people how much you love them. Pray. Have sex. Meditate. Forgive. Love.

It’s easy to see passion as this elusive thing you have to scour the ends of the earth to “find” before you can do something you love.

But the truth is YOU are the passion. It’s up to you to bring it to everything you do.

It’s easy to see passion as this elusive thing you have to scour the ends of the earth to “find” before you can do something you love.

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