These kids. All they do is ask to eat. All. Day. Long.

This morning my older one asked for a snack while he was still eating breakfast. I can’t do it anymore. STOP eating. I will totally skip a meal if it means I don’t have to prepare it and clean up after it. This is really just the exhaustion talking. I’ve been so tired lately that I brought something back in my house that I banned years ago ~ paper plates. I know, not green but ehh. 

We’ve had a hectic start to 2016 and it’s caused me to pause and reevaluate. My life has been on autopilot in so many ways. A to-do list is constantly reeling in my head and it’s been too long since I’ve asked myself why? Why am I doing these things on my list? What purpose do they serve me? The most common answer is expectations. What I expect of myself and what others expect of me. Or at least what I think others expect of me.

Some things are getting me nowhere yet draining all my energy. It’s like I’m continuously mopping a puddle instead of fixing the leak.

I just can’t.

So I quit.


I quit.

Everything I don’t want to do, have no energy for and anything I do just to avoid guilt. Quit. Quit. Quit.

It’s been about a month since I’ve started this new quitting practice and I can tell you I’m happier and feel free. It’s been a game changer. I’ve been compelled, even forced, to ask how can I live better, make my relationships better and enjoy more of my everyday life. Some days are still hard but I’ll take one moment at a time and ask how I can add joy and pleasure into it. There will always be bills to pay and laundry to sort. It’s not about making them go away but overall infusing my life with things that life-giving and bring beauty and energy to my family.

So today my hubby and I took an hour to walk on the beach and take in the warm sun and waves. I haven’t loved our new location in Humboldt Bay but today I could really see the beauty here. 


My pup was happy to run in waves and roll in the sand. She brought half the beach home in my car. Humboldt-Beach-4

My partner in crime (and love of my life)…

Giada on the prowl and just a few yards short of catching this bird (no worries peta no animal was hurt).Humboldt-Beach-3 Humboldt-Beach-2 Humboldt-Beach-6

So yeah, I’m a happy quitter <3.