I’m sharing what I couldn’t live without this week and linking to my girl Lindsay.

This week there have been tears. Happy tears. Sad tears. And overall, lots of tears.

Our little guy was born early last week and we came home from the hospital Tuesday. The first night home was a little rough but since then it’s been better. Ethan is back up to his birth weight, 8 lbs 7 oz. He’s living the dream all day just sleeping and eating. After a bit of nursing struggle latching he’s finally come around 90% of the time and I’ve been pumping a little bit too. I never pumped with Ev and was an on call milk machine 24/7. I’m loving the freedom of having a few bottles around for his dad to feed him too.

And sweet baby Jesus, the hormones. The waterworks have arrived with force. I can’t stop looking at the boys feeling such joy they’re healthy, beautiful and complete our family. I’ll be fine one moment and the next I’m reaching for a tissue. My husband must think I’m nuts, although he knows better than to say anything. But seriously. Just look

bringing home baby number two bringing home baby number two bringing home baby number two bringing home baby number two bringing home baby number two bringing home baby number two bringing home baby number two bringing home baby number two

And sad tears too because my mom had to go home. My mom arrived unplanned last week after our childcare for Ev during delivery canceled last minute. She’s been taking care of Ev while we’ve gone to doctor appointments, taken power naps and of course she watched Ev while we were in the hospital. Having her here during this transition was the best thing ever and even more of a blessing was having her watch Ethan’s birth.

I’m not even sure how I did it without her the first time around. Sleep is a hot commodity right now and she woke up with Ev everyday. He loved spending his mornings with Grandma while we grab an extra hour of sleep and then everyday she made us breakfast. And my house would be in shambles if it weren’t for her.

But aside from her helping with Ev and Ethan, I’ve enjoyed having her all to myself. We have a great relationship and normally talk on the phone everyday but having her here was awesome. One of the hard things about being a military spouse and moving a lot is not having your close friends/family around. Of course it’s wonderful to make new friends every place you move but it’s not the same. And the day she left I bawled. The ugly cry. All day. I let her go home but not before I made her promise to return very soon with my Dad.

Mom and Ethan2 Mom and Ethan Mom and Ethan3 Mom and Boys