i couldn't wait to get away and then...

I think babies have superpowers. Last weekend I left for a girls weekend. I could not wait to get away. 




I even asked Jeff to drop me off at the airport earlier than necessary just so I could sit in the lobby in quiet. I needed a break. The first night was so awesome to be with one of my very best friends but the next morning while shopping at the Mall of America, I watched a mom trying to shop with her little boy about Ethan’s age.

Shopping with babies = not usually enjoyable.

She was trying to wrangle pushing a stroller, while holding shopping bags and a fussy, wiggly toddler. She looked tired too. She scooped him up and put him on her hip and my heart cried.

I thought she is so blessed with this beautiful baby to love and what a beautiful season and how I missed my boys. 

It was not even 24 hours since I couldn’t get away faster and now I’m missing them? How do they do this to us?

And then, at the Belong Tour, Nicole Nordeman had to go and sing Slow Down. If you haven’t listened, google it.

Cue the ugly cry.