The sun was starting to shine through my bedroom window and I was just waking when I felt a tiny hand on my shoulder and heard a little boy voice, “hi”. I looked over and see Ev with a big grin totally proud that for the first time he got out of his bed all on his own. I’d been waiting for this moment for a while, wondering when he’d realize he could escape the crib. “hi, hi, hi” he repeated until I said, “Good morning my baby. I love you so much!!” because this is always the first thing I say to my babies. I pulled him into my bed and we snuggled. And that moment was awesome.

Nap time that day was not so awesome. He got up over and over and over. All while Ethan cried and cried. And when they’d both be quiet, the dogs would see another dog through a window and bark, waking everyone. I know. I know. Great times. It was like playing whack’a’mole to make sure everyone was okay. I’ll spare you more details but lets just say it was exhausting. That night was about the same and the next day Sweets bought yet another gate for our house to keep him in his room (for his safety and my sanity). Seriously our house has more gates that a New York prison.

“Let them be little ‘cause they’re only that way for a while
Give them hope, give them praise, give them love every day
Let them cry, let them giggle, let them sleep in the middle
Oh just let them be little”

This morning I was folding laundry and getting the day going. Let Them Be Little by Billy Dean came on the radio. Ev was playing at my feet and Ethan laying on my bed smiling and cooing. A blissful moment at our house ~ where nobody was crying. It was a good reminder that these years won’t be here forever. These moments are just that ~ moments. Brief and fleeting. And I need to breath them in, to look and really see, because in a blink they will be grown.

With all that said it seems like it was yesterday we brought Ethan home. I’ve been meaning to share his newborn photos taken by my girl Delayna at Quiet Stars Photography. Love her! I ordered the Coast Guard newborn hat from this Etsy shop and it fit perfectly. We had some Coast Guard themed photos when Ev was a newborn so I wanted to keep the theme. Sweets made fun of me because it’s “something a spouse would do” but not the actually military member. Whatever, it’s cute!

US Coast Guard Newborn PhotosUS Coast Guard Newborn PhotosNewborn_0035Newborn_0044Newborn_0041Newborn_0028Newborn_0053Newborn_0056Newborn_0019