This past year poor Ev’s had so many ear infections that finally we decided to get tubes put in. The medications never seemed to help and he was up all night in pain. Which also meant that I was up all night. Ugh. The morning of the surgery I had to drag him out of bed at 5:45am but he didn’t mind. He was making himself laugh on the way up the elevator. He also insisted on bringing his train and boat with him.


Sleep eyes…

I love this picture of the nurse getting his height. He’s so little!!


After checking in it was just a waiting game until his name was called for surgery. They wanted him to sit and wait on this big blue chair. Well that lasted all of two seconds because the office had too many fun things that needed to be explored. SO. MUCH. ENERGY. It’s just too early Ev!! The nurses let him do sprints around the hallways to unload some of his energy. Todder-getting-ear-tubes4 Todder-getting-ear-tubes6

After his morning workout he was able to at least sit still with me on the chair and we watched Mickey Mouse. Todder-getting-ear-tubes7

Once he was called back it was only about 10-15 minutes and the ear tubes were in. I was warned that he might wake upset and omg he was ticked. He was so agitated that it took two nurses and me to hold him and get him calm. A little while and a popsicle later he started to relax and we went home and napped. It’s only been about a week and I’ve already noticed a big difference. Hopefully he won’t be in so much pain and can get some sleep at night. Todder-getting-ear-tubes9