Birth Story 1~ Angela Sue

Thank you all so much for your love and support this week! I have about a dozen texts and messages I need to respond to but we’ve been busy enjoying our little guy. Here’s a quick update on Ethan’s birth…

Monday morning we had our weekly doctor check up. My due date had just passed and I was still having prodromal labor every day, usually in the afternoon and after midnight. The contractions would be about 5-7 mins apart for about 2 hours and painful but then go no where. At the appointment I was having contractions but ignoring them because they’ve been giving me such mixed signals. I knew that we’d be asked if we wanted to schedule an induction.

Back up to when I was pregnant with Ev, we were the hypnobirthing – no doctors intervention – birthing center type. My water broke at 1 a.m. and to avoid a c-secotion I worked my tail off during the 32 hours I labored bouncing on a birthing ball, walking stairs to keep labor going with no sleep, no epidural until I was 28 hours in and was over exhausted by the time he arrived.

And so maybe I surprised myself a little on Monday when I asked to be induced but it was right for me this time. Thanks to my birthing instructor we had with Ev I learned a lot about how the body reacts during labor and the importance of making sure we had a successful Bishop score before considering an induction. I was almost dilated to a 4, very very soft, having prodromal labor and the baby was positioned in a great spot. The Bishop score said our induction would most likely be successful and we told our doctor that we were ready as soon as she could be. She said that she’d look at the calendar but it would probably have to be a few days, but after making a call she stopped us in the hallway on our way out and told us to head over to the hospital asap. Hurry and don’t stop for gas. Since it was an elective induction there is a high chance of getting bumped off the schedule. And so it begins…

9:56 a.m. ~ We drove to the hospital and were assigned to a room. Everyone told us we were lucky because our room had the best view in labor and delivery. I couldn’t stop smiling that our baby was going to be here soon!!

11:45 a.m. ~ It only took three nurses to find a vein for my iv but we were ready and started pitocin at a level one. I was already having contractions so the pit bumped me almost immediately and I was feeling it.

Birth Story ~ Angela Sue3

12:15 p.m. ~ My doctor broke my water and contractions were gaining in strength. I asked for an epidural because I knew that it would take 20 minutes for the anesthesiologist to get to me. Two anesthesiologists arrived and I had to sit very still during thick contractions for nearly 30 minutes while they put the epidural in the right place. It seemed like it was taking forever and it was painful at the time but they did an amazing job because I was feeling like heaven when they were done.

1:52 p.m. ~ The epi was in place and we stopped the pitocin because I was progressing fast.

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2:40 p.m. ~ A little pitocin was started back up and I knew the baby was coming soon. I put on relaxing soundscapes and just tried to relax while waiting.

3:38 p.m. ~ Completely unplanned and very last minute I texted a friend to see if by chance they’d watch Ev for a hour or two so my mom could come to the hospital during the birth. She said an emphatic YES and rushed to get my mom to the hospital asap because I was so close.

3:42 p.m. ~ The nurse checked me as my mom was rushing to the hospital. I was dilated to a 6 and they upped the pitocin to a 2.

4:06 p.m. ~ Our doctor came to check on me. I was at an 8 and she predicted I’d be having the baby in the next hour and a half.

Birth Story ~ Angela Sue

4:20 p.m ~ My mom arrived and we waited. I was having contractions but feeling none (yay!) and I just tried to rest until I was ready to push.

Birth Story ~ Angela Sue4

5:25 p.m ~ The pressure was getting intense to push and the doctor came in. Even though I was in no pain I was nervous to push. I hit the epidural button about 100 times to make sure I had all the good stuff. And then we were ready. The first contraction came and I pushed and his head was coming out. I reached down and was able to feel his soft little head. The second contraction came and I pushed his head out. I was shocked out how fast it was going. Baby Ethan made his appearance on the third push, and was born at 5:29 p.m.

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There are no words to describe the feeling of him being placed on my chest and seeing this amazing baby I’ve had growing inside me for the last nine months. We are so blessed to have another healthy, sweet little boy in our family.

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Many thanks to my sweet friend Delayna for capturing these beautiful moments for us!

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