Women taking control of their stuff.

The stuff in our homes & the stuff in our minds.

All of it. Because it’s all connected.




This place is for you if…

* you’re overwhelmed trying to keep up with your stuff.
* you’ve ever felt like you’ve had to explain why you don’t have it together.
* you’ve been in the “trying getting organized” stage for too long.
* you’re always tired.
* there’s never enough time.
* it’s hard to let go or prioritize because it’s all important.

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We are going to unravel the things stealing our time & energy.

What if we said no more? What if you…

>>> thoughtfully cultivated your environments to be life-giving
>>> had more energy to show up in relationships
>>> stop waiting for perfection
>>> dearly treasure your space, time and life
>>> had freedom from the stuff struggle

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What Nobody Tells You ~ Faith Through Fall Season

  A few years ago a friend of mine said her favorite season wasn’t one season but the changing of seasons. I love this. It’s true for me too. In the winter, I crave bare

Can you name three places you belong?

Can you name three places you belong? Belonging is such a strange thing. I’ve struggle with feeling I belong somewhere. Or that I don’t belong somewhere.  The older I get the more I realize you

First Family-of-Four Vacation

We took our first family-of-four vacation (five if you count our pup). All of us, German Shepherd included, squished in the car and we made the four-hour drive to Lake Shasta.  It was a long

quit waiting for others to get on board

I’ve spent so much time waiting. For people to notice. To see my heart, my value, my worth. To give me permission to be me.   But I’m in full #quittingpractice mode and today I

My Quitting Practice Countdown ~ I Quit Church

Today I sat in church for the first time in six months. Each day gone by has felt like a lifetime. Six months ago, feeling overwhelmed, I took up a Quitting Practice and church was

creativity, fear & stubborn gladness

Without question, my favorite non-fiction book this year is Big Magic. Elizabeth Gilbert has taken what I thought about creativity and flipped it on its head. It’s not just an idea but a way of life.

Choosing the Path: letting go, loving life & my hips

Note: Just for fun I'm posting some throwbacks from my old blog no longer online. I wrote this post two years ago. It was a year after I had my first baby. Now it has

Game Changer ~ The New Quitting Practice

These kids. All they do is ask to eat. All. Day. Long. This morning my older one asked for a snack while he was still eating breakfast. I can’t do it anymore. STOP eating. I

Christmas photos & other traditions that will be the death of me…

Checked your mail lately? You know what you won’t find? A card from us. This year I forgo. I do love Christmas cards. Really and truly. But I’m cutting myself some slack of having to

The secret to finding sunshine during a storm…

How do you find sunshine during a storm? I've found it's not hard if you know where to look. In the summer of 2013 I moved from Washington D.C. to Washington state. After I was settled in,

Military move with a toddler and baby

If you’re never done a military move with two little ones (or any move for that matter) it goes something like this: Set up change of address at usps, turn off electric, turn off gas,

Goodbye Poulsbo

It was the last night living in Poulsbo. Tomorrow our things would be packed and we would move out of Washington. I know that I’m a military spouse and my time in one area is