quit waiting for others to get on boardI’ve spent so much time waiting. For people to notice. To see my heart, my value, my worth. To give me permission to be me.
But I’m in full #quittingpractice mode and today I quit waiting for others to get on board.
If I’ve learned something lately, people fall into one of two camps.
The first group doesn’t even know you want their permission. They love rooting for you and would be really supportive, that is, if you could be courageous enough to give them a chance. But they just don’t know you need it. They’re not mind-readers. Maybe you just need to tell them.
The second group is more tricky. People in the second group might never understand your ways, let alone give you affirmation. They might never get you.
If this is the case, are you willing to wait forever?
It’s taken me long enough to get on board with my own plans, I don’t have time to convince someone else to.
So many times I’ve been silent while waiting for 100% clarity on the next step. I reasoned that if I had 100% clarity about my plan then everyone else will see it too. Or it wouldn’t matter what they thought because I was 100% sure.
If you are lucky enough to be 100% sure about your plan, consider yourself extremely blessed. Most of us fall in the 99% that will never be fully sure but have to take the leap anyway. That terrifying leap is called courage.
And in a fascinating and enchanted way, when you stop waiting for others to get on board, you free others to do the same.
They might not understand. Or agree. They might think you’re crazy.
After Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist, was released from a mental institution he realized first, he’d never be president because people would find out he was in a mental institution and second, “I’m crazy. So I can do anything I want.”
Embrace it.
Love the freedom of being a little crazy.