Normally we don’t listen to music in the car. We listen to Ethan screaming. Not crying, but a high pitched scream. And his endurance is impressive. Maybe he’ll sing at the Metropolitan Opera in New York one day.

But this weekend, my friends, we could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Both boys were happy 95% of the drive and I carried on full conversations with my hubby.

On the Oregon coast, we built sand castles and made smores. The boys still woke bright and early. But I snuggled the boys outside watching waves and birds and the hovering Coast Guard helicopter as I sipped lukewarm coffee with dog hair in it.


Three things I miss since we moved into an RV:

1. Two-ply toilet paper.
2. Endless hot water.
3. …….ummmm…….

Well, I guess I only have the two things. No regrets. We bounced up to the Oregon coast for the weekend. Last night, I still had to make dinner, do dishes, and kids baths. The boys still threw fits. But their tantrums are mostly drowned out by the waves.

Until next time…