This is such a late post because I’ve been so sick and I’m finally coming around but here’s some photos from our Valentine’s Day date Sweets planned. We started at the EMP pop culture museum since this is something we wanted to see at least once before we moved. Not my thing but I’ve heard marriage is about sacrifice so before I knew it I was in a room filled with Star Wars costumes and masses of SW fanatics walking around in a trekkie daze.

I’ve never been a huge Star Wars fan or had a strong desire to see the movie. I think I’ve seen one of the movies a few years ago at my friend Nikki’s house, but it could have been a Lord of the Rings movie. Honestly I feel asleep. I told my husband this and he looks at me shaking his head mumbling something about marriage deal breakers. Anywho, Star Wars – not my thing. I did see George Lucas speak recently and I found him totally inspiring. As I made my way around the room, fans were taking pictures of every.single.custom.


After seeing both the Star Wars and Nirvana exhibits at EMP, we walked around to the Space Needle. To my surprise Sweets had made reservations to have lunch at the top of the Space Needle in the revolving restaurant. We couldn’t have picked a better day because it was gorgeous and we had the most amazing views of Seattle. Space-Needle3 Space-Needle5

He had also asked for a bottle of iced sparkling cider to be on the table ~ one of my pregnancy cravings lately. I love this guy. Space-Needle Space-Needle4

Presenting thee BEST crab mac n’ cheese I’ve ever had!! Made with Beecher’s cheese and tasted as rich as gold. I think I had three bites and was in a glorious food coma. Mac-and-Cheese-at--Space-Needle

After our lunch we drove to the ferry and made it by less than 30 seconds and the next one wasn’t for over an hour and we needed to pick up the kiddo. Ferry

Moments before we arrived to pick up Ev, he lost his balance and fell hitting his head. My poor little guy had a gash on his head about an inch long and we had to head to the ER to see if it needed stitches. It’s shocking this is our first ER visit because he is so high energy and has been climbing on everything. ER-visit-on-Date-night

The doctor didn’t even have to use stitches just a little glue and Ev handled it like a champ. On the way home we were greeted with this amazing sunset. My picture doesn’t even do it justice. Sunset-at-ER

We ended up making a stop at the store before home, which ended in a big grocery spill in the parking lot as we loaded the car. Should we say it was a success because of an amazing date at the Space Needle, or a fail because it ended in the ER (and Walmart)?

Something I’m learning is life usually doesn’t send you 100% perfect days but perfect moments within the days.