It’s already going to be 2018!! Where did the time go? New Year is forever my most beloved holiday. I’m so looking forward to it but I also want to take a few moments to celebrate this last year and thought I’d share here.
Three years ago, sparked by one of my favorite coaches Susan Hyatt, one of my best girlfriends and I began a New Year’s tradition. We live a few thousand miles apart, but we dress up, pour a glass of champagne, and have a very powerful phone call. We recap the last year, month by month, of the things we accomplished, the things we endured, and the things we created. We state our highs and lows and we celebrate all the wonderfulness of the last year. Then we “pre-cap” the next year, month by month. Naming and giving life to the things we will do, create and offer back to the world. Words are so powerful and by speaking our dreams and our hearts, I believe we are speaking the blessing into our lives.
It’s the best way to commence a new beginning. I hope you’ll try it!
Here are a few of my highlights from 2017!
🏡 to 🚍 Home: This year we completely flipped our lives upside down by purchasing our Road Warrior 427 and moving out of our 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house into a 375 square foot 5th wheel. This meant digging deep for what we truly value and cutting ties with all else. We’ve visited San Francisco, Crescent City, Klamath, Kernville, San Diego, Benbow, Brookings a few times over, and as I’m typing this, we are finishing off 2017 with a trip up the Oregon Coast. We’re relishing the freedom this lifestyle of minimalism is giving us in this season in our lives.
✏️ Writing: In February, I organized a local women conference for the second year. The next week, I drove to San Francisco to attend a writer’s conference. I was inspired when an agent I respect gave me validation on my current writing project. But the real magic happened for me when I felt my calling come to light and a deep sense of peace I’m on the right path as a writer. I’m halfway done with my book and will finish early this year.
🗣 Mind: I’ve learned to value life coaching so much. I know, it’s woo-woo, but this last year I’ve worked with four coaches. Each has challenged me in ways I could have never got to on my own. I’ve dug deep into my thought patterns, relationships, identity, passions and purpose. I’ve deepened my friendships and am learning how to better love people and myself and, simply, I’m happier. And when I’m happier, I show up better in all ways but most importantly I’m a better wife and mom. Overall a win-win.
📖 Books: I love love love books. No shocker here if you know me. These were my faves this year:
*Falling Upward by Richard Rohr
*Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott
*What is the Bible by Rob Bell
*Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown
*Accidental Saints by Nadia Bolz Weber
💕Love: Another significant change my husband and I made was amping up our dating life. Military families move often and sitters, precious lifelines for those of us with littles, are a luxury hard to come by. This year we had a sitter at least once a week. A few weeks we’d miss and other weeks we went out twice. People ask if this is expensive. Yep. Totally is. But worth every dime. Sitters and dates aren’t cheap but it’s dear and beautiful to our marriage, our friendship and my sanity.
💃🏻 Movement: The boys and I have rocked out to dance parties in the car with new playlists for different parts of our day. We’ve finger painted and jumped in puddles. We’ve spent more time outside, walking and climbing trees and riding bikes. I started doing CrossFit with Jeff and have fully embraced it. I’m getting stronger and feel empowered. This has also lead me to pursue something coming up I’ve long wanted – a breast reduction.
🎁Freedom: This holiday season, I took all the pressure off of myself and the kids and I did what worked for us. I didn’t dress up. I didn’t go to dozens of parties. I didn’t bake seven different kinds of cookies. And you know what? It was the most fabulous holiday season. I did crafts with the boys and we decorated cookies with premade, yet organic, frosting. I didn’t force gift buying but truly enjoyed giving gifts this year, unlike years past, and I left myself savor the whole season.
Nothing is perfect and this year had its trials. I will be brief because I’d rather focus on the good stuff.
I turned 33, a wonderful thing, but I celebrated with a knot and concussion and migraines and dizziness for a month – and most of it while my hubby was away for training.
I stepped on a nail and bruised my foot heel pad and it turned into planters fasciitis. So painful!! I tried several things but ultimately CrossFit has been the most healing for it.
Maybe the toughest thing I felt this year, was while writing my book. It’s a spiritual memoir about things I’ve let go of in my life and I wrote hard things from my struggles in my first marriage, abuse and the connection with fundamentalism and sexism in the church. I know everything I’m writing is for a purpose, but I dipped into loneliness while I worked on certain chapters (more on all this later).
Okay, and Onward!!
We are awaiting military orders that will send us who-knows-where. I love this! We are wishing to go overseas but I’m okay with pretty much anywhere. Send me to New York or Texas or Florida or back to the PNW. I’m game for anything. Bring. It. On.
If the military keeps us stateside, we will still be traveling abroad this year for fun. We are getting the little guys passports and scouting locations.
Last year was less. Less stuff. Less house. Less living the status quo. This year will bring more. More writing (finishing my book, eeek). More date nights. More thought-work. More understanding. More enjoyment. More confidence. More taking action. More growth. More God. And more love – for myself and others.
Tell me your high and low for 2017!! What are you hoping for in 2018?