Today is my due date and my little guy hasn’t arrive yet although I feel like I’ve been in labor since last Saturday. Contractions started last Saturday afternoon and were less than 5 minutes a part for over two hours before I decided to get checked. After spending a few hours in labor and delivery with consistent contractions I was sent home because I wasn’t dialed to a 5 yet even though I was making slow progress. They said they only keep second time moms at a 5 and first time moms at a 6. I continued to have on-again-off-again contractions the next few days which were nothing like Braxton hicks (I found out later what I am having is called prodromal labor – real contractions with extremely slow dilation). At our doctors appointment Tuesday I decided to have my cervix swept to see if that would push things along and get the baby going but after leaving the doctors appointment I got bad news. Within an hour I found out both of the plans we had in place for people watching Ev during delivery fell through. Talk about freaking out. I’m super protective about leaving Ev and was already on edge, partially feeling like I’m imposing on people (because it’s not like you can give someone an exact date on when the baby is coming) and mostly concerned about how Ev will do with me gone. As soon as I got home from the doctors office I called my mom and she booked a ticket out for the next day. I was so nervous that I would go into labor before she arrived but so happy she made it!! Totally a silver-lining in the unfortunate twist because having my mom here the last few days has been wonderful. She has been totally taking care of everything around the house and helping with Ev. I might not let her leave.

On Thursday I had food poisoning causing me to throw up so bad that it spurred painful contractions. I received some medication at the hospital to stopped the pains and the contractions stopped to. So the past few days I’ve still been having prodromal labor for a few hours usually in the late afternoon and then it fizzles out. I’ve been getting texts and advice on how to get the baby here (birthing ball, long walks, wild sex, spicy food, etc.). Somethings gotta give soon and I’ll keep y’all posted!!

So today is my actual due date and I thought I’d share a few of my maternity photos from my photoshoot in February (32 weeks).

AngelaMaternityphotoshoot5 AngelaMaternityphotoshoot4 AngelaMaternityphotoshoot2 AngelaMaternityphotoshoot6 AngelaMaternityphotoshoot3

Photos by Andrea at AngelFace Photography