Today I gave away the final key to the house we moved into 620 days ago.

It was the sweetest release. The last year was HARD and the house represented a collective of all the angst the year held. We’ve lived in our tiny home now for 25 days I have only one regret – not doing it sooner.

I’ve felt the most wonderful changes in my anxiety level and my time. My anxiety is the lowest it’s been in years and my schedule is finally my own!! I have so much more time and energy.

Maybe not everyone gets anxiety from their stuff to the extent I do but it was even more apparent for me when the house we were living in was put up for sale. Suddenly there was a ton of people strolling through the house and my things and all of it just reminded me how much I was behind. I know we brought this on by choosing to move and I don’t regret it one bit.

Because by downsizing 1700 to 375 square feet I learned a very important lesson:

Your things shouldn’t define you – but they DO.

Each thing you keep tells a story. Some are precious items carefully kept, used well and dearly loved.

Other things are reminders of our shortcomings.
The endless half-done projects still waiting to be finished.
The jeans from 10 years ago we still can’t button.
The stack of unopened mail and papers we need to file.

All of these are disappointing reminders of our failures. You know these things because when you see them you feel defeat – every time you walk by them.

Why do we keep this stuff when it makes us feel so lousy? Would you keep seeing a friend who constantly made you feel insufficient and worthless?

Of course not. But we are doing the exact same thing by keeping stuff we don’t need anymore.

If you feel it’s time to let go of a few things, I’d love to have you join the first Quitting Practice challenge to help you on your journey of surrounding yourself with things that make you feel alive and free! We will complete 5 mini-challenges in three weeks that will change your life!! (and I promise you don’t have to move into a tiny home!!)

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