One of the things on our bucket list while living in the Pacific North West is to visit Victoria and Vancouver. Since we are short-touring this summer we realized we are running out of time and took a little trip up to Vancouver, Canada. Traveling with a little guy is teaching us to manage our expectations quite a bit. Overall we just wanted to get a feel for the city, see Stanley Park and eat somewhere yummy. Of course, it was probably one of the rainiest weekends of the year but we still had a good time.

It shocked me how much Evan was so excited about the hotel room. The desk, curtains and a king size bed to jump on was pretty much Disneyland for him.


After getting settled in the room we drove to Stanley Park, the third biggest park in North America. Again the rain wouldn’t stop but it was still beautiful. It reminded me of Central Park but less commercialized. Here’s the city view from the park…

Canada14 Canada15

And a trailhead…Canada16

We spent the evening walking around Granville Island. It’s an artsy neighborhood of shops, quaint dining and art studios everywhere.


Yes we are those parents. #kidleash


Canada19 Canada20

We sampled food at the farmers market and walked around the cute shops.

Canada21 Canada22 Canada23

Ev was exhausted  so we headed back to the hotel for the night. Canada11

Sweets picked up some steamed milk to put Ev to bed and after watching a few minutes of TV he passed out in the pack n play.

Canada4 Canada2

I pretty sure his arms were numb but he was out cold.


The next day was a bit challenging – thankfully our expectations weren’t huge for this whole trip. We attempted to see the suspension bridge but it was still pouring. We were fully prepared to just get soaked but due to several factors we had to skip it. Which left us fully soaked and no cool memories of the bridge.
We brunched at the Twisted Fork, a hipster hole-in-the-wall in the city. Service and food were great – I had the Banana Stuffed Brioche French Toast. Which was great because since last week when I heard Jack Johnson’s Banana Pancakes I’ve been craving bananas.


The only thing that could have made the restaurant better was if they offered highchairs with maybe a little duck-tape. Kidding but seriously wrangling my energetic toddler in the booth was a complete pain the in butt. We’ve been going to restaurants without him lately and I forgot how much work it is to attempt to keep him relatively quite, away from the knives and pretty much everything on the table. Sweets ran back to the car to get my iPad so we could eat while Ev watched Frozen. Parenting win or fail depending on where you stand but I enjoyed my French Toast. So there.


Too close Ev…


That’s better…


It was a fun weekend away and I’d love to come back to see the bridge but it will probably be a few years till we make it back here because there are too many other places on our list.