What is Minimalism? 6 undeniable benefits of less stuff

What is minimalism truly about? A while back my three-year-old was being way too quiet. Eerily quiet. I was enjoying the peace until I realized he’s up to something. I found him in our pantry. Holding the red fire extinguisher. White powder everywhere. Before I lost it (and I did), I did what every millennial mom does – grabbed my phone to snap a photo. Only there was no space on my phone. It was full. It said, “Go to settings to manage storage.”

That’s where my life was at. Full. Maxed out. I went to settings to manage my storage. I’m deleting it all and making space. Some call it Minimalism. I’m calling it my Quitting Practice because it’s not so much a one-time thing as a process.

Minimalism doesn’t make life perfect but I can 100% tell you that after ruthlessly cutting down what we own these are the undeniable benefits:

1. Cleaner house – You won’t have to reach for a Xanax when someone unexpectedly drops in.
2. More time – SO much time!!
3. More money – Less stuff to maintain, buy, fix or store.
4. More exploring – Less to do at home equals more time for adventures.
5. Better sleep – I would be up at night thinking about bills and other obligations. I have less brain-clutter now and it positively makes a difference in my quality of sleep.
6. Peace – You know where everything is at. Less yelling at the kids, “Where are your shoes?? We have to goooooo!!” Maybe it’s just my house?

Minimalism is all about freedom.

Minimalism is clearing the distractions, making room and being unmistakably clear on what you want to do, be around, and love.

If you feel no matter how hard you keep trying, you’re still missing something – try this! Getting started de-owning doesn’t have to be drastic. It’s not about only having 100 possessions or sitting on the floor of an empty, white apartment.

Minimalism won’t solve all your problems but I promise you ***I promise you*** owning less will make your life better. I look back and wonder how much more enjoyable my life would have been if I started this earlier. It’s made such a difference in my happiness and I believe one of the best gifts you can give your family is a happy wife and mom.

I invite you try having less stuff and more joy!! 

What if we said no more? What if you…

>>> thoughtfully cultivated your environments to be life-giving
>>> had more energy to show up in relationships
>>> stop waiting for perfection
>>> dearly treasure your space, time and life
>>> had freedom from the stuff struggle

If you need to let a few things go and want to learn more about what is minimalism, join The Quitting Practice support group! We will focus on shifting our relationship with stuff and finding the beauty in every day to reclaiming joy, live freely and improve your life!!