Women taking control of their stuff.

The stuff in our homes & the stuff in our minds.

All of it. Because it’s all connected.




This place is for you if…

* you’re overwhelmed trying to keep up with your stuff.
* you’ve ever felt like you’ve had to explain why you don’t have it together.
* you’ve been in the “trying getting organized” stage for too long.
* you’re always tired.
* there’s never enough time.
* it’s hard to let go or prioritize because it’s all important.

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We are going to unravel the things stealing our time & energy.

What if we said no more? What if you…

>>> thoughtfully cultivated your environments to be life-giving
>>> had more energy to show up in relationships
>>> stop waiting for perfection
>>> dearly treasure your space, time and life
>>> had freedom from the stuff struggle

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Watermelon Strawberry Margarita

If there’s something my husband probably gets tired of hearing it’s this: I miss San Diego. But I know he feels the same way for so many reasons. Most importantly it’s where we met and

Honey BBQ Pulled Chicken with Roasted Jalapeños Sliders

Happy First Week of Summer!! I remember the summer right before I started junior high. Most of my days were spent laying out by the pool at my bff Emily’s house listening to No Doubt

letting them be little

The sun was starting to shine through my bedroom window and I was just waking when I felt a tiny hand on my shoulder and heard a little boy voice, “hi”. I looked over and

Life Around Here ~ Bittersweet Summer Days

Friday was bittersweet. It was my birthday (yay for turning 31!) and, sadly, it was the first of the goodbyes I will have to say in the next two months. We spent three years stationed

the scariest day of my life

Last week I took Ethan in for his routine two week appointment at the doctors office. Nothing special about it. The doctor checked him over and said he looked great. The little chubber was up

Hi Brother, Nice to Meet You (maybe)

This is a picture of the boys first meeting. Today Ethan is two weeks old and I’m still waiting for Ev to take to him. As of now, he pretty much pretends he doesn’t exist.

I couldn’t live without my mom

I'm sharing what I couldn't live without this week and linking to my girl Lindsay. This week there have been tears. Happy tears. Sad tears. And overall, lots of tears. Our little guy was born

Our Birth Story ~ Baby Ethan is here!

Thank you all so much for your love and support this week! I have about a dozen texts and messages I need to respond to but we’ve been busy enjoying our little guy. Here’s a

The Non-Birthing Story ~ A quick update on baby’s arrival

Today is my due date and my little guy hasn’t arrive yet although I feel like I’ve been in labor since last Saturday. Contractions started last Saturday afternoon and were less than 5 minutes a

Do You Ever Have One of Those Days?

Do you ever have one of those days where life is just so beautiful? When budgets, chores and responsibilities step aside and you can just breath. Friday was that day. As always it started with

Life Around Here ~ Ev Gets Ear Tubes

This past year poor Ev's had so many ear infections that finally we decided to get tubes put in. The medications never seemed to help and he was up all night in pain. Which also meant that

37 Weeks and a few days

Oh my. What a long day! I went to bed with a headache that’s been hanging out for a day or so and woke to the migraine of all migraines. I'm just over 37 weeks.